Wise Sounds

Sound healing is a complimentary modality using various instruments including the singing bowls, bells, gongs, drums (and more) to offer harmonious sounds and frequencies to the body encouraging one to return to their natural state of resonance.

Sage Practices offers sound healing work in personal or group sessions.  Both types of sessions are intuitively designed to assist whatever is most needed for an amazing experience of relaxation and restoration.  

Contact us to customize a session for you or your group.

Wise Movement

Scientific study tells us that all matter is in motion at it’s deepest cellular level.  That means that everything is moving and vibrating all the time!

Whether is it through sound, movement, or our voice we can access our inner current in creative ways.

Moving the body is one simple way to access to greater health.  Yoga are pilates are two beautiful practices to add to your self-care routine.  

At Sage Practices we offer yoga and pilates in group or private sessions tailored to fit your needs.

Wise Education

The definition of a sage is:  a wise person, a divinely inspired philosopher, or one who seeks knowledge.

It is the mission of Sage Practices to continually learn and share the knowledge that enhances and reveals the natural wisdom and healing power that resides within our mind, body, and soul.

Sage Practices offers education in sound healing in the Atma Buti Method.  Maria Dummermuth is a certified teacher of “The Learn to Heal with the Singing Bowls” courses and is eager to share this lineage with all.

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Personal Sound Healing Sessions
Group Sound Healing & Meditation Workshops
Yoga/Pilates classes & private sessions
"Learn to Heal with the Singing Bowls"

Certification Courses teaching the Atma Buti® method
Custom workshops & presentations at your location
Singing Bowls & supplies for purchase by appointment
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Prana Vinyasa Flow®
Heat Yoga
Thursdays 9:30-10:45am

Full Moon Yoga Series
Indian Creek Nature Center
Monthly - Check Events Calendar

Halo Therapy & Singing Bowl Meditation
Total Rejuvenation
3rd Wednesday of the month

Learn to Heal with the Singing Bowls
Teaching the Atma Buti method
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Learn to Heal with Himalayan Singing Bowls

Level I and Level II Classes

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