Full Moon Yoga Series: Beginner Yoga & Flute

Greet the new year with a yoga practice dedicated to movement, change, and sound!

Maria Dummermuth will lead a beginner’s yoga class designed for all ages & abilities to celebrate our natural tendency to move with the seasons. We will practice yoga in harmony, guided by the sounds of the Native American-style flute as played by renowned Cedar Rapids artist, Jonny Lipford.

This is certain to be a magical practice. Please bring a yoga mat and blanket. This class is truly for all ages and abilities!


Cost: $20, or $36 when you sign up for both January & February Full Moon classes.

Register at:  http://indiancreeknaturecenter.doubleknot.com/registration/reglogon.aspx?signon=&formPresets=&activitykey=2440794#


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Ever since I can remember, my passion has always been movement. As I have journeyed from group fitness, to pilates, to yoga and holistic healing there is so much to learn and it brings me great joy to share any knowledge I acquire with all of my students and clients.

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