Specialized Sound Therapy Session

A 90 minute sound therapy session tailored specifically to your needs including an initial assessment, affirmation statement, multiple instrument therapy and reflection following the treatment. Currently scheduling clients at:

  • The Boulder Healing Hub • 1650 38th St #100e, Boulder, CO 80301
  • The Atma Buti® Sound & Vibrational School • 6395 Gunpark Dr, Suite G, Boulder, CO 80301
  • At your location  Click here to Schedule Now

Private Small Group Meditations

A short guided meditation will direct participants into a relaxed state as they receive the healing sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, bells, gongs and more! Click here to Schedule Now

Basic Reflexology

Reflexology is a beautiful healing modality utilizing reflex points on the feet and hands to stimulate corresponding areas of the body. Relaxing, restoring and revitalizing! Click here to Schedule Now

Singing Bowl & Reflexology Combo

Choose one or two practitioners for this delicious treatment for the body, mind, and soul. A reflexology and sound therapy combo treatment to invite harmony and balance. Click here to Schedule Now

Private or Small Group Yoga & Pilates

Moving the body as a way to observe and bring balance to the physical, emotional, and mental states of being. Yoga & Pilates are both incorporated in this session tailored to fit the needs of each individual client or group. Click here to Schedule Now

Multi-Modality Group Meditation

In this 60-90 minute session, we will cater to your group’s needs with reflexology, reiki, and sound therapy as brought to you by three practitioners to provide a multi-dimensional experience. Click here to Schedule Now

Learn to Heal with the Singing Bowls Classes

Teaching the Atma Buti method, Maria is proud to present and offer classes as part of the Atma Buti International Sound & Vibrational to certify sound healing practitioners. Please visit the education page of this website for dates and more details. Click here to Schedule Now

Workshops, Public Speaking, etc

From movement to meditation, pilates to singing bowls – healthy living and spiritual growth are topics that Maria loves to discuss and present. Contact Maria to create a workshop or presentation to benefit your organization. Click here to Schedule Now